TMC Fellows gather outdoors

Medicine Engages Faith Anew

TMC Featured in The Living Church Magazine

An August feature article in The Living Church Magazine details TMC’s history and ongoing work to reunite health care and faith.

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TMC Affiliate Faculty and Hybrid CTHC Alumni Create “The Project on the Good Surgeon” for Surgical Residents
December 11, 2023
Certificate in Theology and Healthcare helps students think more critically about finding meaning in work and being able to empathetically connect with and understand patients of all kinds of traditions and backgrounds.
Studying The Patient Experience as a Medical Student and TMC Fellow
September 13, 2023
TMC fellows center the patient experience and find a role for theology in the practice of medicine.
Alumni Profile: Mari Lowe at Christ House in Washington, D.C.
September 1, 2023
Mari Lowe, CTCH '23, has long felt what she calls “a multi-vocational call to be a nurse, a nurse practitioner, and to offer pastoral care.”