These semi-monthly seminars are a regular gathering of faculty, students, clinicians, and others interested in the intersections of theology, medicine, and culture.

Seminars are free, offered virtually in the fall and spring semesters, and provide opportunities for continuing education for attendees. 

Past seminar topics and speakers have included:

  • “The Spiritual Lives of Christians with Mental Health Challenges” with John Swinton
  • “Duty and Justice in Jewish Bioethics: The Questions of Vaccines and Pandemics” with Laurie Zoloth
  • “No Cure for Being Human” with Kate Bowler
  • “Health, Wholeness, and Humanity: The Stewardship of Creation as if Matter Mattered” with Brian Volck
  • “This Sacred Life: Linking Cosmology and Health” with Norman Wirzba
  • “What I Learned About Accompaniment from Paul Farmer” with Jennie Weiss Block 
  • “Racism: Driver of Health Disparities, Outlier in Our Theology of Illness” with Jason Ashe

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“TMC offers you a chance to walk with fellow healers, weary amidst their good work, eager to recognize Christ in the bodies of the sick, and the mystery, burden, joy, demand, and hope of that work—that love and witness and joy need not be scarce in the practice of medicine as a Christian. We offer you a shared life in communion with other medical workers, soul-nourishing conversation, integrative practices, encounters with beauty, and an opportunity to reflect and investigate together the long work of healing.”