At Duke Divinity School, we seek to cultivate a unified life of prayer, study, and service. Central to this reality is the experience of spiritual formation through prayer in small groups.

Prayer and ministry are inextricably joined. Through intentional spiritual formation we become acclimated to the divine longing of our hearts and begin to sense that our lives are being turned ever toward God.

Spiritual Formation Groups

We prayerfully place each first-year student in the M.Div. program (and M.T.S. students who request to join) into a small, intentionally diverse spiritual formation group. These groups are led by local pastors, many of whom are Duke Divinity alumni. Each week the groups gather to share concerns, to reflect theologically on the nature of Christian discipleship, and, most importantly, to pray together.

Many students continue this invaluable first-year experience by participating in a variety of advanced spiritual formation groups and student-initiated prayer groups during their second and third years.

As part of the spiritual formation experience, students are also invited to take time apart from their studies to attend two spiritual retreats, one each semester, sponsored by the Chaplain’s Office.