Through research, teaching, and arts programming, DITA promotes and supports the vibrant interplay between Christian theology and the arts by encouraging transformative leadership and enriching theological discussion in the church, academy, and society.

Sounding the Passion: The Tenth Anniversary

In 2014, DITA and Duke Divinity School presented Sounding the Passion, a major international symposium culminating in the premiere of the first Passion composed for the book of Luke: the St. Luke Passion by Sir James MacMillan. A feat of musical and compositional virtuosity, the work grew out of DITA's longstanding partnership with King's College Cambridge, and its premiere on Palm Sunday 2014 marked a culminating moment in the DITA-King's collaboration.
The premiere of the St. Luke Passion in Duke University Chapel on Palm Sunday 2014.
A Survey of Works

Unspoken Requests

An exhibition of works by one of DITA's doctoral students, Andrew Hendrixson, Th.D. '26, is on display in the 00 Westbrook Hallway. Comprised of a variety of pieces taken from across Hendrixson's body of work, composed from 2010 to 2024, the gallery is inspired by the tent revivals of the artist's childhood.

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Unspoken Requests
May 2, 2024
A mixed-media gallery of works by DITA doctoral student Andrew Hendrixson, Th.D. '26, is installed in the 00 Westbrook Hallway. Learn about the gallery and the artist's journey to Duke Divinity School.
Theology, Art, and the Whole Brain
May 1, 2024
DITA hosted best-selling author Dr. Iain McGilchrist for a public conversation about the arts, theology, and brain hemisphere theory wih DITA Director Dr. Jeremy Begbie.
Chinwe Edeani: Exploring the Boundaries
January 25, 2024
Edeani, M.T.S. '25, explores how the Certificate in Theology and the Arts program has impacted her faith, her photography, and her theology.

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Teaching is at the heart of DITA's work. We train future leaders in theology and the arts for work in the church, the academy, and the arts.
Certificate in Theology and the Arts
The Certificate in Theology and the Arts provides new opportunities to develop passions for the arts and integrate them with a lively and robust theology.
Th.D. Concentration
At the center of DITA’s work is a group of rigorous doctoral students whose research is expanding new horizons in theology and the arts.
DITA offers world-class courses in the field of theology and the arts. Our students have access to all course offerings provided by the Divinity School as well as select courses offered by a variety of departments within Duke University.

"DITA coursework has shaped me in the classroom and beyond. It has led me from the mountain of contemplation to the valley of action. Through my arts coursework, I have integrated action and contemplation, academic study and Christian practice, both personally in my own artwork and for the community."

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"As only Jeremy Begbie can do, this book weaves theology and music, philosophy and poetry, science and Scripture to explore and celebrate the uncontainability of the triune God and the irreducible complexity of creation.”

- James K. A. Smith, Calvin University