Theological Engagement and Interdisciplinary Collaboration
Our initiatives exemplify our commitment to embodied wisdom, keeping us in touch with real human needs of society and helping us to see how God is at work in the world. In collaboration with other disciplines and schools at Duke, we grapple with how our interpretation of the gospel must be shaped in order to respond faithfully to our time.
Center for Reconciliation
As God is restoring the world through Christ, so also Christians must join the work of reconciliation. We are called to bring justice and transformation of racial inequity, poverty, environmental issues, human rights, global conflicts, and other issues today.
Clergy & Religion Research Collaborative
A partnership between the Duke Clergy Health Initiative and the Duke Religion and Social Change Lab, funded by The Duke Endowment, conducts research on trends affecting faith leaders from seminary through retirement and works closely with Duke Divinity School and the two Annual Conferences of the North Carolina United Methodist Church to translate our research findings into policies, programs, and practices that improve ministerial well-being across shifting life stages and landscapes.
Duke Initiatives in Theology and the Arts
Through research, teaching, and arts programming, we promote and support the vibrant interplay between Christian theology and the arts by encouraging transformative leadership and enriching theological discussion in the church, academy, and society.
Fons Vitae
Fons Vitae seeks to deepen the Catholic intellectual presence and its cross-disciplinary engagement in the Duke University community and to serve as a Catholic think-tank at the service of all people of goodwill in our region and beyond.
Leadership Education at Duke Divinity
We believe in the difference congregations make in communities. Our offerings empower Christian leaders and institutions to faithfully serve the church and the world.
Ormond Center
Ormond Center fosters renewed imagination, will, and ability among clergy, congregations, and communities as we journey together, becoming agents of thriving.
Racial Justice and Cultural Competency
Duke Divinity School is committed to being an anti-racist and culturally competent community. This work is ongoing as we reckon with a complex, 90-plus year history of faithful witness alongside painful injustice.
Theology, Medicine, and Culture
The TMC Initiative seeks the renewal of health care by bringing in-depth theological formation to the church’s health care practitioners.
Thriving Rural Communities
The Thriving Rural Communities Initiative works to foster thriving rural North Carolina communities by cultivating faithful rural Christian leadership and fruitful rural United Methodist congregations.
Traditioned Innovation Project
The mission of the Traditioned Innovation Project is to catalyze a hopeful vision and embodiment of the future for Christian institutions.
Wesleyan Initiatives & Programs
Wesleyan and Methodist Initiatives & Programs include the Office of Wesleyan Engagement, Wesleyan Formation Initiatives, and the Center for Studies in the Wesleyan Tradition.