Through this certificate, which can be earned alongside the M.Div. degree (residential and hyrbrid), students will engage deeply with both the theory and practice of preaching. The goal is to prepare students to be more faithful and effective preachers, as well as to equip students for ongoing critical reflection and growth in their preaching ministry.

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"Preaching the gospel still matters for the life of the church. As P.T. Forsyth once said, 'with it’s preaching, Christianity stands or falls.' In every class, you will get to practice preaching and receive instructor and peer feedback. Practice does not make perfect, but it will make you a better preacher."

Through advanced work in homiletics, the certificate is designed to help students grow in their ability to:

  • Read and preach the Word with passion and faithfulness;
  • Prepare and preach sermons that have biblical, theological, contextual, and formal integrity;
  • Perform sermons that embody a theologically rich relation between preacher, congregation, and proclaimed Word;
  • Reflect theologically and critically on the practice of preaching;
  • Identify and explore issues that will enable their continued growth as preachers.

The certificate will not only be valuable for students planning to enter parish ministry, but also for students considering advanced work in homiletics.



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For more information, contact:
Luke Powery
Associate Professor of Homiletics
(919) 684-2177

  • Designated preaching course plus three preaching electives
  • Designated church ministry course plus four preaching electives