Since 2007, the Duke Clergy Health Initiative (CHI) has identified, created, and promoted evidence-based practices to enhance the well-being of United Methodist clergy and congregations in North Carolina. In 2023, a new partnership with the Duke Religion and Social Change Lab (RaSCL), anchored by the Seminary to Early Ministry (SEM) Study, helps us resource seminarians and their communities, too. Together, we’re providing the most substantial longitudinal data sets to date on trends affecting faith leaders from seminary through retirement. Funded by The Duke Endowment, the Collaborative works closely with Duke Divinity School and the two Annual Conferences of the North Carolina United Methodist Church to translate our research findings into policies, programs, and practices that improve ministerial well-being across shifting life stages and landscapes.

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CHI Resources

Congregations flourish when their pastors flourish. Our evidenced-based resources help pastors increase their resilience, protect against burnout, and develop more trusting and generous relationships with church leaders. Whether new to ministry or on the brink of retirement, we're here to help clergy thrive as they engage in God’s work with their full heart, soul, mind, and strength.

RaSCL Resources

The call to ministry, while deeply spiritual, is a social enterprise, too. Our data-informed resources help seminarians—along with the institutions that support them—understand the cultural forces shaping their callings and discern how to faithfully follow God amidst today's challenges. Together, we're setting out to shoulder reality in hopeful ways.

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Research You Can Use

Ministry can be a satisfying but sometimes exhausting profession. Delve into stories about pastors and faith leaders who've discovered the power of nurturing their well-being (physically, mentally, and spiritually) with the help of our trusted research.

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Find resources, including intervention studies, pastor stories, and information and strategies for members of the clergy.