Mobilizing and supporting churches to promote healing and recovery from substance use issues

Opioid and substance use issues present major public health, economic, and social welfare challenges to North Carolinians. Churches Promoting Recovery seeks to equip Christian communities in North Carolina and beyond to support and empower people affected by substance use issues.

Churches have a long history of engaging in health promotion activities for their members and local communities. While community resources for supporting individuals with substance use issues now include a variety of complementary options—from medication-assisted treatment to harm reduction to recovery support groups—little has been known about what faith communities need as they care for those affected by substance use issues.

The Churches Promoting Recovery Project launched as a study seeking to better understand what clergy and church leaders need as churches respond to opioid use issues and substance use issues more broadly. The resources that are shared on this website were created and/or gathered in response to the needs expressed by churches from a variety of theological and denominational backgrounds.

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