The Americas Initiative for Transformation and Reconciliation (AITR) is a program started in 2020 by Duke’s Center for Reconciliation (CFR) that aims to network, educate, and transform Christians from across Latin America to work for peace, justice, and transformation. Believing that our Christian faith calls us to work for justice, we seek to empower one another to do what is necessary to bring reconciliation in the Americas. We believe that to do this necessary work, a strong theological underpinning and a vibrant community are needed. AITR seeks to provide both of those things. 

The Institute for the Americas 
The Institute for the Americas launched in 2020 with a six-part series to educate faith leaders towards pursuing transformation and reconciliation in a Christian way. Participants can earn a certification from the Center for Reconciliation by attending all six sessions and engaging in a reflection assignment with the CFR. The institute aims to provide a theological ground for seeking reconciliation, and to be a connection point for a community that can do that work.