The Americas Initiative for Transformation and Reconciliation (AITR) is a regional program started in 2020 by Duke’s Center for Reconciliation (CFR) that aims to network, educate, and transform Christian leaders from across the Americas to work for just peace and transformation. 

The mission of the AITR is to foster interdisciplinary theological reflection and to promote initiatives of training, exchange, accompaniment, advocacy, and other actions to cultivate a Christian witness that promotes transformation and reconciliation towards peace, justice, and the common good.

The Institute for the Americas 

The AITR offers an annual virtual Institute based on the Word Made Flesh Methodology. This theological framework invites participants to reflect on the six stations of New Creation, Lament, Hope, Liberation, Vocation, and Spirituality for the Long Haul. 

The Institute aims to offer theological formation and best practices for seeking just peace and reconciliation and to be a connection point for faith leaders who are working or are interested in becoming involved in this field. 

The First Annual Institute on “Theology of Reconciliation” took place between October 2020 and April 2021. The Second Institute was focused on “Transformation and Reconciliation for Peaceful and Just Coexistence” and was held between October 2021 and June 2022. The Third Institute on “Just peace and the Reconciliation of All Things” was held between November 2022 and June 2023.

The Fourth Institute will be focused on exploring "Conflict Transformation in the Americas" and it will take place every two weeks between February and April 2024.

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Nina Balmaceda (left, in black suit) and guest speaker (right, in blue jacket and tan headband) at CPS

Summer Institute for Reconciliation


The annual Summer Institute for Reconciliation brings scholars, students, community members, church leaders, and leaders of faith-based organizations to the Duke Divinity campus for an intensive weeklong institute on reconciliation. The program combines plenary speakers, round-table issues panels, seminars, and ecumenical worship to create a space to grow together as scholars and practitioners of reconciliation.