The CFR’s programs equip Duke Divinity School students with the tools and resources to practice Christian reconciliation in their future ministries. The programs also provide opportunities for students to substantively contribute to the center’s mission and vision through employment, courses, lecture series, and fellowships. 

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CFR Fellows Program

Cultivating Transformative Leaders

To address the need for transformational Christian leaders who are prepared to help their communities live faithfully and thrive as they seek to welcome and live into this collective calling, the Center for Reconciliation has developed a fellows program at both the masters and doctoral levels. The program includes mentoring, pilgrimages, conferences, and more.

Academic Courses

Reconciliation Topics

Duke Divinity School is one of the country’s best centers for theological learning, with a historical commitment to reconciliation. In addition to the courses taught by the Center for Reconciliation faculty, many professors focus their core classes and advanced seminars in topics of reconciliation.

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The Berean Cohort

Spiritual Formation

The Center for Reconciliation offers a reconciliation-centered spiritual formation group for residential students at Duke Divinity School. The Berean Cohort aims to form students into transformative Christian leaders who are deeply prepared for the mission of reconciliation in the church, academy, and world by connecting to and building on Duke Divinity School’s programs of teaching and learning. 

Conflict Conversation Series

Engaging Workshops

Center for Reconciliation hosts a series of conversations meant to introduce individuals and organizations working on particular aspects of justice, transformation, and reconciliation. The goal of this series is to help the Duke Divinity School community develop theological language, moral imagination, and practical resources for dealing effectively with tough issues facing our churches and our world.

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Outside of the Center for Reconciliation, students can earn academic certificates alongside their degrees. A number of certificates address questions related to justice and reconciliation.
Certificate in Black Church Studies
The Certificate in Black Church Studies aims to help strengthen the body of Christ through critical reflection, dialogue, and practice for those who are interested in the intersection of race, faith, and Christian witness, particularly in the tradition of Black churches. 
Certificate in Faith-based Organizing, Advocacy, and Social Transformation
The Certificate in Faith-based Organizing, Advocacy, and Social Transformation is for students seeking to engage in campaigning and advocacy work, community organizing, community development, and related forms of social, political, and economic witness from a Christian basis.
Certificate in Gender, Sexuality, Theology, and Ministry
The Certificate in Gender, Sexuality, Theology, and Ministry enables students to make the study of gender, sexuality, theology, and ministry a core component of their theological education. It fosters a collaborative environment for teaching, research, service learning, and dialogue.
Certificate in Faith, Food, and Environmental Justice
The Certificate in Faith, Food, and Environmental Justice is for students seeking training and preparation for engaging faithfully in environmental justice work, agricultural production, healthy food access and food systems, creation care ministries, land use issues, policy advocacy, and environmental management.
Certificate in Prison Studies
The Certificate in Prison Studies provides students with the opportunity to engage specifically with people in prison and the system that imprisons them in the context of theological education and formation for ministry.
Certificate in Latinx Studies
The Certificate in Latinx Studies is designed to provide theological and ministerial formation to students preparing for ministry with Hispanic/Latinx churches and communities in the U.S.