Our Vision

The Center for Reconciliation exists to inspire, form, and support leaders, communities, and congregations to live as Christ-like agents of reconciliation.

Our Mission

Founded in 2005, the CFR has become a significant presence in cultivating seeds of reconciliation both locally and globally. The CFR focuses its efforts around three primary activities: connecting existing scholars and practitioners through collaborative partnerships, cultivating new leaders in the work of reconciliation and transformation, and communicating truth and hope.

Our Strategic Goals

Being grounded in our location: The CFR is committed to being a wounded, transfiguring space where the song of the new creation, the cry of lament, and the shout of liberation can be voiced, heard, and heeded.

Promoting a vision of Christ-like reconcilers: The CFR seeks to support formation of leaders who have a robust vision and practice of Christian reconciliation that is faithful to the scriptural witness, discerning of the signs of the times, and sensitive to the life of the church.

Supporting teaching and research on reconciliation: The CFR convenes groups of scholars and practitioners for intellectually serious, socially relevant discussions of reconciliation that are theological and also interdisciplinary.

Partnering with fellow institutional pilgrims on the journey of reconciliation: The work of the CFR includes both local and international programming because God’s movement of reconciliation knows no borders; it is both particular and universal. Because history and location matter, the CFR comes alongside our fellow institutional pilgrims sharing the gifts of the Methodist heritage and the ecumenical commitments of Duke Divinity School.


The Center for Reconciliation is primarily supported by donations.  When you select "Center for Reconciliation" on the Annual Fund form your donation will support our programs and initiatives.