The center staffs, supervises, and enriches the Divinity School’s curricular and extracurricular offerings in Methodist and Wesleyan Studies; supports educational outreach programs for our Methodist constituencies; and develops research resources for students and scholars around the globe.


Academics & Educational Outreach

Through classes, educational programs, and student advising, CSWT ensures that Duke Divinity School is supporting Methodist and Wesleyan Studies and our Methodist constituencies. Much of this work is done through the Methodist House of Studies.

Wesley and Methodist Resources

The Center supports the production of critical editions of the texts of John and Charles Wesley in print and online. It also develops and provides access to various research materials in Wesleyan and Methodist Studies.
Charles Wesley's Manuscript Verse
This body of verse includes both manuscript precursors to many items in Wesley’s published collections and over 4,420 distinct new hymns and poems that remained unpublished at his death.
Charles Wesley's Published Verse
This online collection of the poetical works of Charles Wesley is intended to provide the standard for scholarly study and citation that has been needed.
John Wesley's Poetry, Hymn, and Verse
This online collection provides the full text of all of John Wesley’s edited volumes of poetry and hymns, including a manuscript collection done during his student years at Oxford.
Frank Baker Collection and Publications
Find papers, Wesleyana, and more from the Rev. Dr. Frank Baker (1910–99), a native of Hull, England, who joined the faculty of Duke University in 1960 and assumed the role of general editor of the Wesley Works Editorial Project.

Wesley Works Editorial Project

The Writings of John Wesley

The Wesley Works Editorial Project was launched in 1960 to provide a critical edition of the writings of John Wesley.

John Wesley painting by George Romney