The Certificate in Anglican Studies is designed to serve the academic and formational requirements of students preparing for Anglican/Episcopal ministry, lay and especially ordained. Duke Divinity students can earn their Certificate in Anglican Studies in one, two, or three years in conjunction with the M.Div., M.T.S., or Th.M. degree.

Certificate Programming

Academics & Formation

The programming of the certificate combines academics with experiential and formation growth. Requirements include courses in Anglican Studies, participation in Anglican spiritual formation, field education in an Episcopal/Anglican setting, and a student portfolio review with an Anglican/Episcopal faculty advisor.

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A student in white robes holds a bible aloft in Goodson Chapel

The Anglican Year at Duke

Fulfill Ordination Requirements

Students who have an M.Div. degree can earn the Anglican Certificate in one year through Duke’s Th.M. program, thus fulfilling ordination requirements in many dioceses.