Rev. Brad Thie, director of Thriving Rural Communities, is available to share some of the insights gained from the initiative through preaching, Bible studies, seminars, and conferences. 

To learn more, or to request that Rev. Thie speak at your next event, contact him.

Training Workshops

Half-day sessions designed to help groups delve into topics in more detail.

  • How God Leads Rural Churches to Thrive
  • Ministry With Blue-Collar Communities
  • Acedia and Ministry:  Exorcising the Noon-Day Demon
  • Wendell Berry and a Christian Agrarian Vision for Rural Ministry

Shorter Presentations

One to 1.5-hour plenary discussions designed to augment a meeting agenda.

  • The Goodness of Nazareth: God’s Love for Rural Places
  • Gideon’s Victory: Faithful Leadership in the Rural or Small Church
  • The Samuel Sessions: How a Congregation Can Discern its Calling from God
  • The Easter Evening Church: How God Brings New Life to Frightened Congregations
  • The Parable of the Talents: Unburying the Treasure of the Gospel in the Rural Church
  • Make Yourself at Home: Hospitality to the Stranger in the Rural Church
  • The Precious Treasure Hidden in a Field: The Gift of Rural Ministry
  • The Courageous Humility of Rural Ministry
  • Faithful Fussin’: The Art of Redemptive Conflict
  • What the Rural Church Can Learn from its Sustainable Farmers
  • Leading Change: How to Introduce God’s New Thing to an Old Country Church