Training Workshops

Half-day sessions designed to help groups delve into topics in more detail.

  • How God Leads Rural Churches to Thrive
  • Ministry With Blue-Collar Communities
  • Acedia and Ministry:  Exorcising the Noon-Day Demon
  • Wendell Berry and a Christian Agrarian Vision for Rural Ministry

Shorter Presentations

One to 1.5-hour plenary discussions designed to augment a meeting agenda.

  • The Goodness of Nazareth: God’s Love for Rural Places
  • Gideon’s Victory: Faithful Leadership in the Rural or Small Church
  • The Samuel Sessions: How a Congregation Can Discern its Calling from God
  • The Easter Evening Church: How God Brings New Life to Frightened Congregations
  • The Parable of the Talents: Unburying the Treasure of the Gospel in the Rural Church
  • Make Yourself at Home: Hospitality to the Stranger in the Rural Church
  • The Precious Treasure Hidden in a Field: The Gift of Rural Ministry
  • The Courageous Humility of Rural Ministry
  • Faithful Fussin’: The Art of Redemptive Conflict
  • What the Rural Church Can Learn from its Sustainable Farmers
  • Leading Change: How to Introduce God’s New Thing to an Old Country Church