“I found my home at Duke Divinity School in the Hispanic House. Caminantes in particular was the thing I looked forward to every week. It was where I could fully be myself, where I didn’t have to explain every little aspect of where I was coming from to be understood and loved. This program, these people, gave me reason to show up every day.“

Caminantes is a group of fellow sojourners who seek to encounter Christ on the roads connecting Duke Divinity School to the world, while practicing and honing skills for ministry with Hispanic/Latinx communities. 

Caminantes meets every week for spiritual formation from a Latinx perspective. Together the group reads the Bible, discusses texts emerging from the Latinx community, and worships with local Hispanic/Latinx congregations.  

In addition to the weekly meetings, Caminantes have the opportunity to attend a spiritual retreat in the fall semester in preparation for an encounter with the church in Latin America during the spring semester. For more information about the program, please contact Rev. Alma Tinoco Ruiz, director of the Hispanic House of Studies.

“Caminantes gave me the chance to form bonds in an institution that used to feel colorless for me. I never had to explain myself or why I felt the things I felt when I was with fellow Caminantes members. They were always willing to lend a helping hand and cry in juntos.”