Read the Field Education Policies and Procedures Manual (pdf), and see the sections below for forms and information about your area.

For Supervisors
For Lay Mentoring Teams
For Students
For Payroll
  • CPE (Parish-Based) Application (pdf) (doc)
  • CPE (Parish-Based) Memorandum of Agreement for Site Visits (pdf) (doc)
  • CPE (Parish-Based) Learning-Serving Covenant (pdf) (doc)
  • CPE (Parish-Based) Midterm Review (pdf) (doc)
  • CPE (Parish-Based) Final Evaluation (pdf) (doc)
For Student Pastors
  • United Methodist Student Pastor Day Application Form (pdf) (doc)
  • Registration for Student Pastorate Form (pdf) (doc)
  • Student Pastor Petition to Overload Form (pdf) (doc)
  • District Superintendent Evaluation of Student Pastor (pdf) (doc)
  • Pastor Parish/Personnel Committee Evaluation of Student Pastor (pdf) (doc)
For International Field Ed
Field Education Resources