Jeremy Begbie, the Thomas A. Langford Research Professor of Theology and director of the Duke Initiatives on Theology at the Arts, both at Duke Divinity School, has written a new book on how the arts can witness to the transcendence of the Christian God.

The book, Redeeming Transcendence in the Arts: Bearing Witness to the Triune God, was published by Eerdmans Publishing Co. in February.

Many people believe that there is something transcendent about the arts, that they can awaken a profound sense of awe, wonder, and mystery, of something “beyond” this world—even for those who may have no use for conventional forms of Christianity.

In the book, Begbie employs a biblical, Trinitarian imagination to show how Christian involvement in the arts can be shaped by the distinctive vision of God’s transcendence opened up in and through Jesus Christ. Begbie is considered a leading voice on theology and the arts.