In "Don't Look Back," a book to read and reflect on with colleagues, congregants, and Methodist friends, William H. Willimon offers hope and help for pastors and congregations who are asking, What now? And What’s next?

Some pastors and congregations have managed remarkable innovation, creation of new ministries, courageous pruning of old programs, and rediscovery of core Wesleyan convictions in recent years. Others have experienced a long, slow-motion, downward cycle of loss. Across the spectrum, Willimon spends a year with clergy, organizational leaders, and parishioners committed to asking questions and listening in conversations.

The book delves into various questions about the modern-day Methodist church. What do you think God is up to in the present moment? What should we stop doing and begin doing, responding to God’s call now? What are the biblical texts, stories from our past, and core Wesleyan convictions that might guide us from this point? What’s next for Methodist church folk?

Willimon writes in the introduction, “Let’s have a decent burial for yesterday’s good intentions and then partner with the Holy Spirit in creating tomorrow’s church.” 

Will Willimon is professor of the practice of Christian ministry at Duke Divinity School and a bishop in the United Methodist Church.

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