The project seeks to develop and implement strategies of curating, collaborating, and capacity-building in order to show why and how traditioned innovation is crucial to a vibrant, life-giving future.

About the Project

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Leaders of large organizations and institutions have an outsized impact on the world. Because of your ability to direct the course of institutions that affect the lives of thousands and our common life, the health and quality of your leadership is vital to human flourishing. As our world navigates ongoing crises and disruption on all sides, we need wise leaders and trustworthy anchor institutions working together to chart a hopeful future.

Yet we know that senior leaders are under outsized pressure, often battling isolation, scrutiny, new and increasingly complex scenarios, and a relentless pace of change. The heart of the Traditioned Innovation Project is the cultivation of hospitable spaces for you to reflect, receive highly personalized peer coaching, and be renewed for the work ahead. We do this through executive gatherings and curated resources.

The Traditioned Innovation project is made possible through the generosity of Lilly Endowment, Inc.

"Traditioned innovation is a mindset that enables us to focus on flourishing, creativity, and the life that really is life."

Convenings & Cohorts

Gatherings for Seasoned Leaders

We host one-time conversations and multi-day retreats for seasoned leaders across sectors seeking to cultivate a Christian imagination for their work.

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Storytelling & Case Studies

Cultivating Hope and Connection to God

We source and capture video stories of organizations and institutions making significant pivots together to address the crises of our time. Often, these stories expose deeper and interconnected challenges that call for creativity grounded in a deep understanding of identity and mission. In our storytelling, we seek to surface practices of traditioned innovation that respond to the most challenging problems of our present moment and inspire hope for our time.

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