A continued truth of this project is that, in the midst of fear and discouragement, people yearn for a sense of hope and an innovative future deeply connected to God.

We source and capture video stories of organizations and institutions making significant pivots together to address the crises of our time. Often, these stories expose deeper and interconnected challenges that call for creativity grounded in a deep understanding of identity and mission. In our storytelling, we seek to surface practices of traditioned innovation that respond to the most challenging problems of our present moment and inspire hope for our time.

Case studies complement our storytelling and empower individuals and organizations to: 

  • Explore examples of institutions doing significant pivots to address critical challenges in the midst of the turmoil and transition;
  • Work with their constituents to model and practice traditioned innovation through a faith animated by trust and hope in the Triune God;
  • Connect others’ stories of struggle, inspiration, and adaptation to serve the leadership challenges of our present moment and context.

These stories and case studies are embedded in curricular resources that serve our Traditioned Innovation cohorts, retreats, and learning journeys. If you are interested in learning more about these opportunities, we invite you to contact us for more information.