Methodist House provides opportunities for United Methodist and other Pan-Methodist students (AME, AMEZ, CME, Nazarene, Free Methodist, and Wesleyan) to gather for fellowship and formation. The house hosts worship, seminars, social events, and other Methodist enrichment events that help support students who are pursuing ordination or ministry in other forms.


"The relationships I've formed within the Methodist House have shaped my experience at the Divinity School as they have given me brothers and sisters to walk alongside and do life with as we explore this ministry calling. They have helped me walk through some exciting and dark moments and have helped me to realize my own calling and begin to live into it."

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A pastor and student walk outside Efland UMC

Field Education

Hands-On Learning in Methodist Contexts

Our M.Div. program requires completion of two internships through our field education program, which provides invaluable contextual learning experiences in real-world ministries, such as a congregation or other setting. Placements for residential M.Div. students through the Office of Field Education pay $10,000 per placement.

Spiritual Formation

Intentional spiritual formation is central to our commitment to helping students cultivate a life of worship, study, and service. All first-year M.Div. students are placed in small groups that meet weekly to share concerns and pray together. Students in these groups represent a variety of religious traditions, to ensure all students experience Christian practices of prayer and devotion other than their own. Students also have dedicated time away from studying to attend two weekend retreats.  

Students talk during a Spiritual Formation retreat
Methodist Students sit on stairs of altar in Goodson while smiling and laughing

Scholarships and Fellowships

Financial Support for Methodist Students

The Divinity School offers a number of scholarships for students pursuing ordination in the UMC, as well as students who have a calling for leadership in rural North Carolina. Students also may be eligible for support from their home conferences. In addition, field education placements through the Office of Field Education offer $10,000 for each placement.

Lifelong Connections

Student Groups and Alumni Networks

At Duke, we have the largest group of students seeking Methodist ordination of any official United Methodist seminary. Journeying together, our students learn from each other and form connections both formal and informal that they will carry into ministry. Many student groups focus specifically on Methodist students and ordination. And our graduates find they have a supportive community for work after graduation and a sounding board for all future endeavors. Our alumni are active at every level of the United Methodist Church, serving as pastors, deacons, superintendents, and bishops around the country and throughout the world. 

 Rev. Dr. Connie Shelton, Bishop of the North Carolina Conference of the United Methodist Church, preaches on Ash Wednesday
Students hold blue glass crosses during worship service

Preparing for Ordination

Programs and Advising

As one of only 13 recognized UMC seminaries, Duke Divinity offers abundant resources to provide a rich theological education as well as preparation for ordination as an elder or a deacon in the United Methodist Church.

Certificate in Methodist/Wesleyan Studies

The Certificate in Methodist/Wesleyan Studies is for pan-Methodist/Wesleyan students who wish to engage in robust and intentional training in Wesleyan theology and spiritual practice in preparation for leadership positions in Methodist and Wesleyan organizations and churches.

Students, faculty, and staff talk together after a Pan-Methodism panel discussion

Other Methodist Programs at Duke Divinity School

Thriving Rural Communities
The Thriving Rural Communities Initiative works to foster thriving rural North Carolina communities by cultivating faithful rural Christian leadership and fruitful rural United Methodist congregations.
The Center for Studies in the Wesleyan Tradition
The center enriches the Divinity School’s curricular and extracurricular offerings in Methodist and Wesleyan Studies and supports significant educational outreach programs and research resources designed for our Methodist constituencies.
Wesleyan Formation Initiatives
Wesleyan Formation Initiatives are built to foster pastoral pathways for various constituencies and include the Duke Accelerated Pastoral Formation Program and the Rediscovering the Heart of Methodism series.
Office of Wesleyan Engagement
The Office of Wesleyan Engagement facilitates relationships with United Methodist and other Pan Methodist constituencies by hosting events and providing resources to support clergy and lay leadership.

More Resources

John Wesley Fellowship Program

Each year AFTE awards up to five John Wesley Fellowships to assist gifted United Methodists in their doctoral studies at the finest universities.

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This theological bulletin is aimed specifically at “contemporary evangelical perspectives” for United Methodist and other Wesleyan seminarians.

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