The Asian House of Studies at Duke Divinity School supports Asian and Asian-American students at the school; cultivates a network of Asian and Asian-American students, alumni, church leaders, and ecclesial bodies; and promotes and provides resources for Asian theological studies.

The rise of Asian Christians can be witnessed around the world. The churches in Asia have grown rapidly both in numbers and in their influence on Asian societies and world Christianity. Asian-American Christians have emerged as a significant part of the sociopolitical and religious landscape of America. In the past few decades, the Asian and Asian-American community at Duke Divinity School has also grown considerably.

This growth has raised new theological questions regarding colonial and post-colonial perspectives, intercultural dynamics, anti-racism, women’s rights in patriarchal cultures, and more.

The Asian House of studies supports Asian students and scholars at Duke Divinity and partners with other organizations in the school, the wider Duke community, and beyond as they challenge and broaden the theological horizon and work to build diverse Christian communities.

Faculty and Leadership