The Office of Global and Intercultural Formation at Duke Divinity School embodies the school's commitment to global awareness and engagement as well as its dedication to fostering a learning environment where students understand, respect, engage with, and learn from diverse communities and multicultural perspectives both inside and outside the classroom.

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"Duke Divinity School is dedicated to cultivating a global and intercultural formation. Our ecumenical and diverse community praises God with diverse voices. We continue to grow with and learn from our global theological institutions, churches, and students with whom we praise God together.

International Students Support

The Office of Global and Intercultural Formation provides support to international students for a smooth transition and enriching experience throughout their academic journey. From assistance with visa processes and orientation programs to workshops and academic advising, the office is committed to addressing the unique needs and challenges faced by international students. Moreover, the office is dedicated to fostering a supportive community where international students can connect with peers, faculty, and resources.

Partnerships with International Theological Institutions and Scholars

The office strengthens connections with international theological institutions through partnerships and other activities. Additionally, it hosts international scholars, creating a dynamic environment for cross-cultural exchange and collaboration. Through these efforts, Duke Divinity School continues to encourage global theological discourse and worldwide transformation.

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International Field Education

The Divinity School’s summer internships in international Field Education place theological education and pastoral training in the context of an increasingly interconnected global community. 

World Christianity Courses & Study Abroad

The Divinity School requires many of its students to take a course in World Christianity. In addition, the school offers several international study abroad programs. In addition to providing students with opportunities for learning and service around the world, the school encourages faculty to develop cross-cultural research programs by maintaining partnerships with several international church and academic institutions.

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Jung Choi
Associate Dean for Global and Intercultural Formation; Director, Asian House of Studies; Administrative Faculty