Join Duke Initiatives in Theology and the Arts (DITA) as we celebrate a decade of pioneering scholarship, reflect on today’s landscape, and imagine together a future for the field of Theology and Arts.

Theology and the Arts is one of the fastest growing areas of scholarly research today, with publications, courses, and initiatives appearing on an unprecedented scale. Over the last 10 years, DITA has promoted a vibrant, two-way engagement of theology and the arts, and emerged as a leading center for this interaction through research, teaching, and art in action. DITA10 builds on that work and launches a fresh conversation about how the arts can be a powerful medium of theological truth. Drawing on the theme of "Creation and New Creation," the symposium seeks to equip and inspire a new generation of scholars, artists, and church leaders as we ask the question: “Where should those active in theology and the arts be headed in the next twenty years?”

Scholarly engagement will lie at the heart of the symposium. Biblical and theological scholarship will permeate all DITA10 activities and will take a variety of forms, involving both public and private events. DITA10 is generously underwritten by the McDonald Agape Foundation.

Individual event tickets for the Friday and Saturday plenary events are still available below. Tickets for the full DITA10 Symposium registration and the individual event tickets for the Sunday plenary event are sold out.