Lester Ruth

Selected Publications
  • Living Worship: A Multimedia Resource for Students and Leaders. (A 2-disc DVD teaching resource documenting the worship life of a congregation in Chicago.) Co-authored with James F. Caccamo and Todd E. Johnson. 2011.
  • “Go East, Young Songwriter, Go East: How Ancient Eastern Orthodox Writers can Help Us Write New Songs.” Worship Leader 20, 3 (May 2011) 32-3.
  • Walking Where Jesus Walked: Worship in Fourth-Century Jerusalem. Co-authored with John Witvliet and Carrie Steenwyk. 2010.
  • New Song According to Charles Wesley: Capturing Biblical Honesty in Songwriting.” Worship Leader 20, 3 (May, 2010):  42-3.
  • “Liturgical Revolutions.” In The Oxford Handbook of Methodist Studies. Edited by William J. Abraham and James E. Kirby. New York: Oxford University Press, 2009.
  • Lex Amandi, Lex Orandi: The Trinity in the Most-Used Contemporary Christian Worship Songs.” In The Place of Christ in Liturgical Prayer. Edited by Bryan D. Spinks. Collegeville: The Liturgical Press, 2008.
  • “How Great is Our God: The Trinity in Contemporary Christian Worship Music.” In The Message in the Music: Studying Contemporary Praise and Worship. Edited by Robert H. Woods, Jr. and Brian D. Walrath.  Nashville: Abingdon Press, 2007.
  • Early Methodist Life and Spirituality: A Reader. 2005.
  • “A Rose By Any Other Name: Attempts at Classifying North American Protestant Worship.” In The Conviction of Things Not Seen: Currents in Protestant Christianity in the Twenty-First Century. Edited by Todd E. Johnson. Grand Rapids: Brazos Press, 2002. Reprinted in American Theological Inquiry 2, 1 (2009): 85-104.
  • Creative Preaching on the Sacraments. Co-authored with Craig Satterlee. 2001.
  • A Little Heaven Below: Worship at Early Methodist Quarterly Meetings. 2000.
Recent Courses
  • Introduction to Christian Worship
  • History of Contemporary Worship
  • Teaching Worship
  • Planning Contemporary Worship
  • Songwriting and Theology