Meredith L.D. Riedel

Selected Publications
  • Biblical Echoes in the Taktika of Leo VI’, in C. Rapp and A. Külzer (eds.), The Bible in Byzantium: Appropriation, Adaptation, Interpretation (Göttingen: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 2019), 23-38.
  • Leo VI and the Transformation of Byzantine Christian Identity, (Cambridge UP, 2018).
  • ‘Demonic Prophecy as Byzantine Imperial Propaganda: The rhetorical appeal of the tenth-century Narratio de Imagine Edessena’, Fides et Historia 49.1 (2017): 11-23.
  • ‘Leo VI and the Cleansing of the Law’, Medieval Perspectives 31 (2016): 129-142.
  • ‘Biblical echoes in two Byzantine military speeches’, Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies 40.2 (2016): 207-222.
  • ‘Nikephoros II Phokas and Orthodox Military Martyrs’, Journal of Medieval Religious Cultures 41.2 (2015): 121-47.
Recent Courses
  • Becoming Divine: The Story of Eastern Orthodox Christianity
  • History and Theology of Byzantine Iconography
  • Islamic Influences on Byzantine Iconomachy
  • History of the Crusades
  • Byzantium and Islam: Eastern Perspectives
  • History of the Doctrine of Hell
  • Byzantium and the Bible
  • Heresies and Heretics
  • Modern European Christianity
  • Theology of the Later Greek Fathers