Janet Martin Soskice

William K. Warren Distinguished Research Professor of Catholic Theology
Gray 213

B.A. (Cornell University)
M.A. (Sheffield University)
D.Phil. (Oxford University)

Dr. Soskice’s work lies at the intersection of Christian theology and philosophy. She has been particularly interested in questions of method and the Doctrine of God: religious language, metaphysics and epistemology, narrative and genre, doctrine of creation, women and religion, beauty and western art, science and religion, and theological writing. Her present large project, bringing almost all of these together, is on “Naming God.” For over 30 years, Professor Soskice was on the Faculty of Divinity at the University of Cambridge, where she is professor emerita of philosophical theology. She is a fellow emerita and past president of Jesus College Cambridge. Her books include Metaphor and Religious Language (Oxford, 1984); The Kindness of God (Oxford, 2007); and joint editor of Creation and the God of Abraham (Cambridge, 2010). Her book Sisters of Sinai: How Two Lady Adventurers Discovered the Lost Gospels (London: Chatto and New York: Knopf, 2009) was read as Book of the Week on BBC Radio 4 and was in the “Best Book of the Year” lists of The Washington Post and The Christian Science Monitor. Dr. Soskice is a past president of both the Catholic Theological Association of Great Britain and the Society for the Study of Theology, and has been a Eugene McCarthy Visiting Professor at the Gregorian University in Rome and president of the Cambridge University Catholic Association. She is a member of the English and Welsh Anglican/ Roman Catholic Committee and takes part in Christian/Muslim dialogue.