As you prepare to make the move to Durham, N.C., use the resources on this page to help find housing, plan for parking and transportation, and arrange for health care.


Incoming students can search for listings. Neighborhoods that are near Duke include Trinity Park and Lakewood. Housing listings are also available through Apple Realty and In addition, students with a Duke Net ID can search the Duke List for rentals and other students seeking roommates.

D.Min. and M.A.

D.Min. and M.A. housing and parking information is available for orientation and residential intensives. Contact Ashley Lunn for details.


If you need to hire a moving company, many students have used TROSA.

Durham Info

Find information on utilities, DMV, banking, public transit, and more on Duke's Durham website.

Student Health

All students are required to carry medical insurance either through the Duke-sponsored plan or a comparable medical insurance plan based in the United States. Students can also elect dependent health care coverage. You will receive an email via your email account with specific information. Learn more about health insurance coverage.

Before enrolling, you must review and submit the Duke University Immunization Requirements for Undergraduate/Graduate/Professional Students form. North Carolina law requires the automatic suspension and dismissal of any student (degree or non-degree) who fails to provide proof of immunization within 30 days of enrollment. So please complete the immunization requirements forms as soon as possible!

If you have any questions, please contact Immunization Compliance.

Parking and Transportation

Duke Parking and Transportation encourages students to use alternative transportation options whenever possible.  Students can register their bicycles and secure free bus passes. For more information, review off-campus student options for your commute. Note that Duke offers students the GoPass, a free local and regional bus pass.

On-campus parking is very limited for graduate students. If you plan to park on campus, you must purchase a parking permit. Information about reserving your parking spot will be posted in May; the parking permits can be reserved in mid-June. Please review the Graduate and Professional Students Parking Information page for details.