The Certificate in Anglican Studies can be earned within a degree and is designed to serve the academic and formational requirements of students preparing for Anglican/Episcopal ministry, lay and especially ordained. The certificate is open to students in the M.Div. and M.T.S. programs.

Certificate Programming

The programming of the certificate combines academics with experiential and formation growth. Requirements include courses in Anglican Studies, participation in Anglican spiritual formation, field education in an Episcopal/Anglican setting, and a student portfolio review with an Anglican/Episcopal faculty advisor.

For those students who are in the ordination process, these elements have proved ample for equipping students for the General Ordination Examinations and for ordained ministry.

The Certificate in Anglican Studies and the “Anglican Year” Ordination Requirement

The particular requirements for ordination are determined by a sponsoring bishop in liaison with the diocesan Commission on Ministry, not by the Anglican Episcopal House of Studies or Duke Divinity School. These requirements are tailored to individual circumstances and in many cases, it is agreed that requirements can be met at Duke Divinity School. The director of AEHS is willing to serve as a liaison with the relevant personnel in an aspirant’s diocese on these matters when appropriate. But the sponsoring bishop makes the final decision about the requirement of an “Anglican Year” at another seminary.


The requirements for the certificate are:

  • Completion of at least 3 courses in Anglican Studies
  • A minimum of two years of participation in the program of Anglican Spiritual Formation
  • Completion of at least one field education placement in an Episcopal/Anglican setting
  • Satisfactory fulfillment of the middler and senior reviews of the student portfolio with an Anglican/ Episcopal faculty advisor

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For more information about the certificate, contact:
Christopher Beeley
Jack and Barbara Bovender Professor of Theology, Anglican Studies, and Ministry
Director of the Anglican Episcopal House of Studies
(919) 660-3597