Combining excellence in scholarship with a passionate commitment to the life of the church
Duke Divinity School is known for rigorous academic training. But we never view academic study as an intellectual exercise for its own sake. Our academic programs help you answer God's call—wherever that call takes you.

Master's Programs

Our master's degrees prepare you for transformational leadership and service in the church and the world. They include residential programs that immerse you fully in on-campus life and hybrid online programs that mean you don't have to move to Durham.
Master of Divinity (M.Div.)
Broad academic preparation for leadership of flourishing ministries, creative institutions, and thriving communities
Hybrid Master of Divinity (M.Div.)
Remote online coursework allows you to participate in deep theological reflection and academic study while continuing to balance professional and personal responsibilities
Master of Theological Studies (M.T.S.)
Preparation for advanced doctoral studies, nonprofit leadership, lay ministry, teaching, and research
Master of Arts in Christian Practice (M.A.)
Keep your job, build community, discern your future vocation, deepen your spiritual practices, and earn a Duke master’s degree
Master of Theology (Th.M.)
An advanced theological degree for specialized academic or ministerial preparation
Flexible Programs That Meet Your Needs

Hybrid Online Degrees and Certificates

With our flexible, hybrid online degrees and certificate, you won't need to relocate or leave your current work to engage in theological study that will transform your faith and practice. 

Doctoral Programs

Our doctoral degrees include the traditional intensive residential Doctor of Theology (Th.D.) degree as well as the Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.) program, which combines intensive on-campus sessions with live online learning and offers Christian leaders the flexibility they need to earn a doctorate without leaving their positions.
Doctor of Theology (Th.D.)
Rigorous theological training with an interdisciplinary focus, requiring significant and original scholarly research
Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.)
A hybrid online doctoral program for ministry professionals who seek to deepen their knowledge, strengthen their leadership, and build a robust community of peers while remaining in ministry

Dual Degrees & Programs

Our joint degree programs are available to students through partnerships with Duke Sanford School of Public Policy, Duke Law School, and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Social Work.
Master of Divinity/Master of Public Policy (M.Div./M.P.P.)
A dual-degree program for leadership and service in nonprofits, government, and the community
Master of Theological Studies/Master of Public Policy (M.T.S./M.P.P)
A dual-degree program for leadership, service, and advocacy in nonprofits, government, and the wider community
Master of Divinity/Master of Social Work (M.Div./M.S.W.)
A dual-degree program for leadership and service in social agencies of the church and community
Master of Theological Studies/Juris Doctorate (M.T.S./J.D.)
A dual-degree program combining the study of law with theological inquiry


Duke Divinity School offers standalone certificate programs as well as degree-based certificates that can be used to customize your degree.
Standalone Certificates
We offer specialized theological training and formation opportunities through academic certificates.
Degree-Based Certificates
Duke Divinity School offers a variety of certificates that can be earned alongside our degree programs. These programs give students the opportunity to focus their coursework on a particular area of ministry or study.
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Paid Field Education Internships

Real-World Experience in Ministry & Service

We build paid field education internships into our three-year residential M.Div. program, so students receive practical experience and training as a complement to work done in the classroom.

Students at tables in the library

The Divinity School Library

The Divinity School Library boasts a collection of more than 400,000 volumes in the fields of religion and related disciplines and affords a wealth of material for the seminary student. An integral part of the university’s library system, which possesses more than 6,200,000 volumes, the Divinity School Library also subscribes to over 700 religious periodicals, offers study facilities for students in its reading rooms, and houses a reference collection in religion.

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The Center for Writing and Academic Support

The Center for Writing and Academic Support aims to help students in the Divinity School strengthen theological interpretation, teaching, preaching, and communication. Through tutoring services and workshops, the center fosters creativity, imagination, and innovation in writing.

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Faculty walk past the U.S.-Mexico border which is painted with a colorful mural

International Study

Study abroad gives students opportunities to experience the life of the church in an increasingly interconnected world. Duke Divinity School has several student exchange programs with prestigious universities in Hong Kong, England, Germany, and the Netherlands. In addition, professors and staff have led study trips to locations including Turkey, South Sudan, Mexico, and Haiti.

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