Alumni Council

The Divinity School’s National Alumni Council nurtures the connection between the Divinity School and its alumni. Made up of alumni representatives from different time periods, denominations, and backgrounds, the council meets twice each year to think creatively about how the Divinity School can bless and support our alumni and current students. 

The council works both relationally and strategically to connect the Divinity School to the larger world of ministry in which alumni serve. This involves mentoring current and prospective students, nurturing alumni through continuing education and reunions, and working together to identify new sources of financial aid funding and field education opportunities.

Alumni Council Members


Board of Visitors

The Board of Visitors is a council of advisors for the dean and the administration of the Divinity School whose membership is professionally, demographically, and denominationally diverse. Members serve up to two three-year terms at the invitation of the dean and the president of the University. The board meets twice annually with the dean and administration of the Divinity School to consult on matters of administration, strategy, and vision. The board also assists with recruiting, fundraising, and public relations within their communities.

Board of Visitors Members