The Hispanic House of Studies was created as a resource center for students, pastors, and congregations in order to support their efforts to do ministry with the Hispanic/Latinx community in the U.S. By building the capacity of church leaders, the HHS seeks to meet the needs of the population it serves and strengthen the ministry of the United Methodist Church locally and nationally.  

In 2007, the North Carolina and Western North Carolina Conferences of the United Methodist Church recognized that in order to serve the Hispanic/Latinx population—the fastest growing population in their state—they needed trained leaders for Hispanic/Latinx ministry. As a result, these conferences joined forces alongside Duke Divinity and the Duke Endowment to create the Hispanic House of Studies (HHS).  

The HHS participates in the formation of future Hispanic/Latinx and non-Hispanic/Latinx church leaders who are committed to the community and dedicated to be self-aware leaders who can thrive in a diverse context. The HHS is committed to equipping and accompanying these church leaders as well as congregations of all backgrounds and traditions on their journey to becoming the church Christ has called us to be—a place of unity, transformation, reconciliation, and holistic healing.  


The Hispanic House of Studies creates a community for all Latinx/Hispanic students to feel welcomed and supported during their time at Duke Divinity School. This community allows students to express their culture and heritage when other spaces do not. I can share my experiences and know the other person will understand my unique perspective. Within the house our language, traditions, food, and expressions are celebrated. The Hispanic House of Studies is filled with individuals who love, care and support the Hispanic/Latinx community of Duke Divinity School.

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Latest News

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Hispanic House of Studies Celebrates Quinceañera
October 19, 2023
Events on the October 12 Quinceañera Celebration included a panel discussion, worship service, lecture, and a documentary and art exhibit featuring renowned artist Enrique Chiu.
Detail from painting by Enrique Chiu
September 26, 2023
The house will celebrate its 15-year anniversary on Oct. 12 with events including worship, a panel discussion, lecture, documentary, and art exhibit.
Student carries the bible into opening convocation at Duke Chapel
January 19, 2022
Twelve new full-tuition fellowships will support residential Master of Divinity degree program students who pursue a certificate in Black Church Studies or Latinx Studies.
Students watch a panel discussion

Certificate in Latinx Studies

Hands-On Engagement and Theological Reflection

The Certificate in Latinx Studies is designed to provide theological and ministerial formation to students preparing for ministry with Hispanic/Latinx churches and communities in the U.S. Students in the program take courses in Latinx theology, participate in the Caminantes advanced spiritual formation program, and, in the case of M.Div. students, have at least one field education placement or contextual engagement project in a Hispanic/Latinx ministry setting.

Support for Theological Study

Scholarships & Fellowships

All students admitted to the M.Div., M.T.S., M.A. in Christian Practice, D.Min., and Th.D. receive some scholarship support. In addition, the full-tuition Latinx Studies Fellowship program is designed for those pursuing either the Certificate in Latinx Studies while enrolled in the residential Master of Divinity (M.Div.) degree program.



Practicing Skills for Ministry

Caminantes is a group of fellow sojourners who seek to encounter Christ on the roads connecting Duke Divinity School to the world, while practicing and honing skills for ministry with Hispanic/Latinx communities. Caminantes meets every week for spiritual formation from a Latinx perspective. Together the group reads the Bible, discusses texts emerging from the Latinx community, and worships with local Hispanic/Latinx congregations.  

Hispanic House students lunch panel
Ismael Ruiz-Millán presides at worship in Goodson

Field Education

Paid Internships

Field education in Hispanic/Latino Ministry provides an opportunity for students to discern their vocational identity through contextual learning. The placements vary from parish to nonprofit. They can also include Spanish-speaking settings in North Carolina. Placements for residential M.Div. students through the Office of Field Education pay $10,000 each, and residential M.Div. students can complete up to four during their program.

Programs for Pastors & Church Leaders

The Hispanic House leads and participates in a number of programs to support pastors and Hispanic ministries, both locally and around the world.
Sumérgete Retreat
Sumérgete is an annual retreat for pastors in ministry with the Latinx community. Attendants spend a weekend in April sharing in worship, praise, and theological reflection.
The Hispanic Summer Program
The Hispanic Summer Program supplements and enriches theological and ministerial education with academic courses and other activities that directly address Hispanic history, ministry, and theology.
Hispanic-Latino/a Pastoral Initiative
The Hispanic-Latino/a Pastoral Initiative at Duke Divinity School provides an opportunity for Hispanic-Latinx pastors, lay leaders, and congregants to receive theological and ministerial training in Spanish.
Course of Study in El Salvador
The Course of Study in El Salvador is intended to establish a more regular theological education for the Methodist Church in Central America. The three-year Spanish-language program is designed to prepare men and women who wish to acquire theological and ministerial education but are unable to attend a seminary.