Xi Lian

Selected Publications


Redeemed by Fire: The Rise of Popular Christianity in Modern China (New Haven and London: Yale University Press, 2010).

Winner of Christianity Today 2011 Book Award (Missions/Global Affairs category); winner of the 2010 Award for Academic Excellence given by Chinese Historians in the United States, an affiliate of the American Historical Association and the Association for Asian Studies; chosen as one of Fifteen Outstanding Books of 2010 for Mission Studies by International Bulletin of Missionary Research. Read highlights of reviews of the book.

Yuhuo dejiu: Xiandai Zhongguo minjian Jidujiao de xingqi 浴火得救---現代中國民間基督教的興起 (Hong Kong: Chinese University Press, 2011).

Chinese edition of Redeemed by Fire, translated by He Kaisong and Lei Ayong in collaboration with the author.

The Conversion of Missionaries: Liberalism in American Protestant Missions in China, 1907-1932 (University Park, Penn.: Pennsylvania State University Press, 1997).

Scholarly Articles

“'Cultural Christians' and the Search for Civil Society in Contemporary China." The Chinese Historical Review, 20. I (May 2013): 71-88.

"A New Journey in the Study of Christianity in China." The Chinese Historical Review, 20. I (May 2013): 1-4.

“A Messianic Deliverance for Post-Dynastic China: The Launch of the True Jesus Church in the Early Twentieth Century.” Modern China, 34, 4 (October 2008): 407-41.

“Western Protestant Missions and Modern Chinese Nationalist Dreams.” East Asian History 32/33 (December 2006/June 2007): 199-216.

“The Search for Chinese Christianity in the Republican Period (1912-1949).” Modern Asian Studies 38, 4 (October 2004): 851-98.

“Evangelists of Pluralism.” The Journal of Presbyterian History 81, 2 (Summer 2003): 106-9.

“The ‘Spiritual Gifts Movement’ in War-Torn China” (online article), copyright © 2007 by The Nagel Institute for the Study of World Christianity and Yale University Press (PDF)

Book Reviews

"A New Lens and a New Picture of Christianity in China," featured review of Daniel H. Bays, A New History of Christianity in China. Wiley-Blackwell, 2012. China Review International 19, 2 (Spring 2013).

Review of Paul P. Mariani, Church Militant: Bishop Kung and Catholic Resistance in Communist Shanghai. Harvard University Press, 2011. American Historical Review 117, 5 (December 2012).

Review of Kang Liao, Pearl S. Buck: A Cultural Bridge Across the Pacific. Praeger, 1997. H-Net Reviews, July 1998.


"Returning to the Middle Kingdom: Yung Wing and the Recalled Students of the Chinese Educational Mission to the United States." Modern Asian Studies (2014).

Meredith Riedel

Recent Courses
  • Becoming Divine: The Story of Eastern Orthodox Christianity
  • History and Theology of Byzantine Iconography
  • History of the Crusades
  • Byzantium and Islam: Eastern Perspectives
  • Byzantium and the Bible
  • Heresies and Heretics
  • Modern European Christianity
  • Theology of the Later Greek Fathers
Selected Publications
  • 'Syriac Sources for Byzantinists: an introduction and overview,' Byzantinische Zeitschrift, 105/2 (2012): 783-810.
  • 'Warfare and Historiography', in Oxford History of History Writing, vol. 2 (History Writing in the Middle Ages), eds. Sarah Foot and Chase Robinson (Oxford, 2012), 576-603.
  • 'The Sacrality of a Sovereign: Leo VI and Politics in Middle Byzantium', in Zwei Sonnen am Goldenen Horn?, Band 3-I, eds. Michael Grünbart, Lutz Rickelt, Martin M. Vucetic (Lit Verlag Dr. W. Hopf Berlin, 2011)