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David Stark will gain hands-on classroom experience at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary.

The program, part of the Clergy Health Initiative, has led to improvements in health markers that have lasted over 24 months.

Graduate Student Training Enhancement Grants aim to help students extend their training beyond their core discipline.

The Academy of Parish Clergy has named Professor Stephen Chapman's latest book the 2016 Reference Book of the Year.

The grant will help identify future leaders and support them through a variety of formational opportunities.

Professor Grant Wacker is among acclaimed religious historians selected to write on the history of American evangelism.

The grant will fund the fourth wave of the National Congregations Study, led by Professor Mark Chaves.

The new certificate aims to help students appreciate and articulate the mutual enrichment of theology and arts and to create opportunities for relating the arts to local churches and communities.

Joelle Hathaway was among 19 graduate students from five schools at Duke who received Graduate Student Training Enhancement Grants last spring for training beyond their core disciplines. Read an update on the Interdisciplinary Studies blog.

Events include the Closing Convocation worship service, community lunch, and panel discussion.


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ABC-Australia Religion & Ethics
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