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As the spiritual center of a great research university, Duke Divinity School is the embodiment of Duke University’s motto: Eruditio et Religio—Knowledge and Faith. Founded in 1926, the Divinity School attracts students from across the nation and around the world. With many diverse theological perspectives represented here, students find common ground through immersion in Scripture and the church’s tradition for addressing the challenges of faith in contemporary contexts.

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Duke Divinity School gives you access to all that Duke University offers—from a wide variety of courses at Duke and inter-institutional registration to world-class libraries, lectures by leading thinkers, a thriving arts community, a network of campus organizations, and exciting collegiate athletic events.

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Faculty Spotlight
Book Spotlight
Book cover shows image of tree superimposed on image of Earle.
Professor Will Willimon has written a book to help pastors of white, mainline Protestant churches preach effectively in situations of racial violence and unease. Continue Reading  >


Georges Rouault Plate 57, 'Obedient Unto Death,' from the Miserere Series, 1927.

Duke Initiatives in Theology and the Arts is partnering with the Nasher Museum of Art and Duke Chapel to host an exhibition of Miserere et Guerre, a series of 58 intaglio prints by French artist Georges Rouault (1871–1958).

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Dean Heath preaching in Duke Chapel
Thursday, April 20, 2017 -
11:25am to 4:00pm
Duke Divinity School will hold the 2017 Closing Convocation and a celebration honoring the inaugural year of the deanship of Elaine A. Heath. Continue Reading  >

The grant will fund the fourth wave of the National Congregations Study, led by Professor Mark Chaves.

Duke Divinity School has announced the creation of a new certificate to help students to better appreciate and articulate the mutual enrichment of theology and arts and to create opportunities for directly relating the arts to practical involvement in local churches and communities.

Joelle Hathaway was among 19 graduate students from five schools at Duke who received Graduate Student Training Enhancement Grants last spring for training beyond their core disciplines. Read an update on the Interdisciplinary Studies blog.

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