For Alumni and Friends of Duke Divinity School

‘Elisabeth of Berlin’
By Blake Radcliffe

There are lessons for the church in this documentary about Elisabeth Schmitz’s heroic resistance to Nazi oppression.

Leading Lives of Consquence
What does it mean to live a life of consequence?
A closer look at Christian leaders

For Tom Bickerton, the Goal is Global Health
By Elisabeth Stagg

Bishop Thomas J. Bickerton has emerged as his denomination’s spokesperson for global health.

Cynthia Hale’s Ray of Hope
By Ken Garfield

As the founding leader of a 5,100-member megachurch, this alumna bypassed the stained-glass ceiling.

Ray Barfield’s Epiphany of Presence
By Jonathan Goldstein

A pediatric oncologist and philosopher, this professor is helping families and health care providers make better choices for sick children.

Norman Wirzba on Taking Care of Creation
By Sherry Williamson

A garden, says professor Wirzba, is “where people first taste and fully sense the grace of God.”

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