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Editor’s note: These comments were included in a letter of appreciation to Divinity magazine from Fred. J. Gomendo, who earned his Th.M. at Duke Divinity School in 1984. He is the retired president of the United Church of Christ in Zimbabwe and former president of the United Theological College in Harare.

I want to express my appreciation for the fall magazine, which had an article about the first 23 students of the School of Religion, of which 20 were men and three women, and [a photo] of the first faculty in the early years of this prestigious university. Most students did not learn this part of history when they were there.

Also, in the Spring 2007 magazine there was a story about civil rights legend Ann Atwater’s work with the poor, the sick and the disenfranchised. This opens the eyes, ears and minds of those who talk about the unfortunate ones, but [that talk] comes to practically nothing. Atwater’s story helps people to put what they learn in theory into practice.

Thank you,
     Fred Janasi Gomendo
     Fern Valley, Mutare, Zimbabwe