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Visionary Leaders

“My Methodist forebears had a passion to serve the mission of God; they relentlessly pursued new opportunities in service of that mission; engaged in continuous innovation, adaptation and learning; acted boldly and held themselves to high standards. As a result, there are fine educational institutions, hospitals and health care organizations, and other important institutions across the country founded by Methodists. Yet across the mainline denominations we now take many of these institutions for granted, acting as if they have always existed and always will exist.

L. Gregory Jones, dean and professor of theology, in the “Faith Matters” column, published in the Nov. 27, 2007, edition of The Christian Century

Riot Conditions

“What came forth in the riot wasn’t isolated or out of character. It was consistent with what was taught in churches and the larger society about race.

William Turner, associate professor of the practice of homiletics, quoted in the Oct. 12, 2007, issue of The Star News (Wilmington, N.C.), on conditions leading to the Wilmington race riot of 1898

Eating for a Healthy Planet

“How we eat is the single most important decision we make about the health of our planet.

Ellen Davis, a professor of Bible and practical theology at the Divinity School, quoted in the Oct. 5, 2007, issue of The News & Observer (Raleigh, N.C.)

Positions on Sin

“The Bible is in general pretty realistic and forgiving when it comes to human sinfulness, but the Old Testament prophets and Jesus take a strong position against those who use their position in society to mislead others as do many people today.

Stephen Chapman, assistant professor of Old Testament, quoted in the Sept. 23, 2007, issue of The News & Observer (Raleigh, N.C.)

One and Only

“There will never be another Graham.

Grant Wacker, professor of church history, quoted in the Sept. 8, 2007, issue of the Chattanooga Times Free Press, on the conditions that made Rev. Billy Graham a unique evangelist