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Early Methodist Spirituality:
Selected Women’s Writings

By Paul Wesley Chilcote
Visiting Professor of the Practice of Evangelism
Kingswood Books: March 2007
Paperback, 380 pages, $39.00

This anthology of writings of late-18th and early-19th century Methodist women illustrates the richness of women's contributions to the life of the church and legacy of Wesleyan spirituality. Bringing together for the first time these religious accounts, diaries, journals, prayers, hymns and sacred poems, and narrative practical divinity, Chilcote's selection reveals a way of living out faith that conjoins personal piety and social action, conversion and growth in grace.

United Methodist Beliefs:
A Brief Introduction

By William H. Willimon
Adjunct Professor of Christianity
Westminster/John Knox: May 2007
Paperback, 96 pages, $12.95

Bishop Willimon opens his overview of Methodist beliefs with the counterintuitive claim that Jesus actually wasn’t principally concerned about beliefs. He wanted people to follow him, not necessarily assent to a set of “cool intellectual propositions” about him. Still, Methodists do have doctrines, which Willimon feels are worthy God-given guideposts to following Jesus. And although many Americans desire to go the spiritual life alone, Methodism teaches that people become most fully conformed to Christ when they are part of the larger ecclesial body. Written with his characteristic dry wit, this book is dedicated to Duke colleague Richard Heitzenrater, Quick professor of church history and Wesley studies.

The Voice of Matthew
The Gospel According to Matthew

retold By Lauren Winner
Visiting Assistant Professor of Spirituality and Writing
Nelson Books: 2007
Paperback, 181 ages, $16.99

A favorite of the emerging church, the gospel of Matthew was written for Jews by a Jew who sought to prove that Jesus was the royal Messiah, the Son of David, the one established by God to rule over the Kingdom. Winner, with assistance from scholars David Capes and Peter H. Davids, retells this story through the lens of her Orthodox Jewish upbringing. This is the third book in The Voice, a scripture project to rediscover the story of the Bible. Winner, the author of Girl Meets God and Real Sex, joins the faculty of Duke Divinity School July 1 as assistant professor of Christian spirituality. 

Summer Reading

The Dawning of the Day
By Chaim Sabat

“Moving and inspirational. — Thea Portier-Young, assistant professor of Old Testament

Eat This Book
By Eugene Peterson

“Read along with Duke Divinity School’s incoming class for Fall 2007. Heartily recommended by a number of faculty and staff members. — Director of Admissions Cheryl Brown and Chaplain Sally Bates

Lincoln’s Sword: The Presidency and the Power of Words
By Douglas L Wilson

“A great read for anyone interested in Lincoln or the craft of writing. — Andrew J. Keck, assistant director, Duke Divinity Library

The World to Come
By Dora Horn

“This novel is a delight, full of wonder, including the wonder of a Chagall painting, the wonder of some Yiddish tales (like “The World to Come”), and the wonder of forgiveness. — Allen Verhey, professor of theological ethics