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A gift of $500,000—$100,000 outright plus a $400,000 charitable gift annuity—has established The James L. Matheson Scholarship Fund thanks to Jim Matheson T’51, D’54 of Wardensville, W.Va. This gift is to celebrate lifelong learning and friendships initiated at Duke and to support the education of ministerial leaders for generations to come.

The Charles L. Fonville Family Scholarship Fund has been initiated by gifts and pledges of $300,000 from Charles Fonville of Charlotte, N.C., to be matched with $300,000 from the Financial Aid Initiative (FAI). The fund is to enable and encourage the highest quality of leadership for the church, and it gives first priority to graduates of Davidson College or to individuals who anticipate ministerial service in the Southeast.

An additional $300,000 to be matched with $300,000 from the FAI has been committed by Vann and Ann York of High Point, N.C., for The York Family Scholarship Fund originally established in 2003 to encourage pastoral excellence and to commemorate the many connections between the Yorks, Duke University and the United Methodist Church.

Generous friends from Michigan have contributed $180,000 to date to establish The William A. Ritter Scholarship Fund. With the FAI match and additional gifts, their goal is an endowment that will give first consideration to United Methodists where Ritter served. In retirement he is an adjunct professor at Duke Divinity School.

The Jones-Pickens Family Scholarship Fund is being made possible by a $150,000 commitment from L. Merritt Jones T’52 and his wife, Susan Pickens Jones WC’52 of Raleigh, N.C., which will be matched by $150,000 from the FAI. The scholarship is given in loving memory of the donors’ fathers, Leonidas Merritt Jones (Trinity College Class of 1912) and Wiley Miller Pickens (Trinity College Class of 1916), to express gratitude for a century of vital relationships between their families, Duke University, and the United Methodist Church, and to encourage and enable the preparation of strong ministerial leadership.

A gift of $100,000 from James T. and Sandra A. Rowell of Brandon, Miss., is providing The William Lee Proctor Memorial Scholarship Fund to honor the faithful ministerial service of Mrs. Rowell’s grandfather in Methodist parishes in Mississippi and Louisiana. The Proctor Memorial Scholarship will be matched with $100,000 from the FAI.

An additional $100,000 contribution, along with the FAI $100,000 match, has been provided for The Jimmy and Helen Garland Scholarship Fund. Established in 2001, the Garland Scholarship gives priority to Baptist students from the state of Virginia.

The Patricia Parker Willimon and William H. Willimon Scholarship Fund is being inaugurated by a $50,000 commitment, to be matched with $50,000 from the Stange Divinity Financial Aid Initiative Fund. This new scholarship resource is given by Will and Patsy Willimon of Birmingham, Ala., as an expression of heartfelt appreciation for 25 years with the divinity school and Duke community, and as a continuing resource for the preparation of outstanding ministerial leadership for the church of Jesus Christ.

A gift of $50,000 from Raymond M. and Vickie Anderson Hakim of Nashville, Tenn., to be matched by $50,000 from the Stange Divinity FAI Fund, will establish The Anderson-Hakim Scholarship Fund in loving memory of their families.

As part of the $300 million university-wide fundraising effort through 2008, Divinity School gifts and pledges for new endowed scholarships now exceed $8.4 million toward our goal of $10 million. These generous provisions for new and enhanced permanent scholarship resources are deeply appreciated.

For information about how to support the Financial Aid Initiative (including the limited opportunity for contributing IRA funds), please call Wes Brown at (919) 660-3456, or see the Divinity School Web site .

Correction: We regret that David & Barbara Gaffron D’66 were not listed in the 2005-06 Annual Report, which was included in the Winter 2007 issue of Divinity. The Gaffrons should have been listed as members of the 1926 Club, which is for donors of $250-$499.