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A Force to Be Reckoned With: The faithful witness of small churches
By Patrick Adams

As he completes an interdisciplinary doctorate in theology and ecology, Kyle Van Houtan's commitment to preserving the Amazon rainforest is proof that science and faith are not mutually incompatible.

By Jonathan Goldstein
Methodism’s renewal for the 21st century requires remembering and honoring its Wesleyan roots, say Wesleyan scholars L. Edward Phillips, Randy Maddox and Paul Chilcote.

By Reed Criswell
Professor Richard P. Heitzenrater spent spring semester 2005 teaching Wesley Studies around the globe.

By Patrick O’Neill
Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove D’06 and his wife, Leah, are flourishing with fellow adherents of the New Monasticism at Rutba House, a covenant community in one of Durham’s neediest neighborhoods.

By Bob Wells
As a Civil War chaplain and vintage baseball player, Jason Constantine D’06 brings the past alive.

A Force to Be Reckoned With: The faithful witness of small churches
By Lauren Winner

A writer, says the author of Girl Meets God, is “someone who comes to understand the truth of a thing . . . by writing their way toward the truth.”

By Elisabeth Stagg

After three decades at the divinity school, alumna and staffer Sarah Freedman has retired.

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