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Too Many Methodists?

One of the curious facts of the current presidential race is that three of the four candidates are United Methodists. Methodists constitute 3 percent of the American population, 12 percent of the U.S. Congress, and 75 percent of the 2004 presidential ticket.

David C. Steinmetz , Amos Ragan Kearns professor of the history of Christianity, in his oped “Too Many Methodists?” in the Aug. 5, 2004, edition of The Orlando Sentinel.

Building Walls or Bridges?

If we build walls, we build animosity, mistrust, despair and explosive rage. If we build bridges, we connect people and invite relationship. Are we committed to walls or bridges?

Dean L. Gregory Jones in the “Faith Matters” column of the July 27, 2004, edition of The Christian Century. Jones had just returned from a trip to Jerusalem and the West Bank to visit Israelis and Palestinians.

Politics & Religion

There's a strong feeling in the populace that religion is more than private sentiment and that if religion is true religion, it will affect public positions and decision-making.

Stephen B. Chapman , assistant professor of Old Testament, quoted in a story about religion in politics in the Aug. 6, 2004, edition of The ( Raleigh) News & Observer.

War, Not Sex, Is the Issue

Christians in the United States should stop fighting one another about issues of sexuality so that we can focus on the deepest moral crisis of our time: our responsibility for the destruction our nation has inflicted upon the people of Iraq. …Perhaps if we can acknowledge our own failings regarding matters of war and peace, we will find it possible to return to our conversation about sexuality later in a more generous spirit.

Richard B. Hays , George Washington Ivey professor of New Testament, in his op-ed “War, Not Sex, Is the Issue,” in the Sept. 6, 2004 issue of The Charlotte Observer.

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