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July 4-30

Summer Course of Study for Ordained Ministry

July 11-24

Duke Youth Academy for Christian Formation

Learning for Life During two weeks on the campus of Duke University, high school students explore, practice and reflect using baptismal theology as the lens to understand their experience in the church.

August 30 - September 1
Myrtle Beach, SC
Stewardship as Spiritual Discipline: Raising Money in the Local Church
A seminar with the Albemarle and Northeast districts of the United Methodist Church.
GASTON WARNER, Duke Divinity School

September 23-24 Probationer’s Seminar
A seminar to help United Methodist probationary members prepare for deacons’ and elders’ orders.

September 27 - October 1 Study Leave for Ministry Professionals

October 4-8 Study Leave for Ministry Professionals

October 5-6 The Gardner Taylor Lectures
CLEOPHUS LARUE, Princeton Theological Seminary

October 11-13 The Art & Craft of Preaching

Convocation & Pastors' School
Duke Divinity School 's annual event featuring invited lecturers, continuing education seminars, and worship in Duke Chapel.

MARVA DAWN, author and theologian
THOMAS LONG, Candler School of Theology
PETER GOMES, Harvard Divinity School
STANLEY HAUERWAS, Duke Divinity School
WILLIAM WILLIMON, Duke Divinity School
FLEMING RUTLEDGE, author and preacher

October 18-22 Study Leave for Ministry Professionals

October 26-28
Chapel Hill, NC .
Courage to Serve
A program for pastors serving rural North Carolina churches, this retreat is designed for personal and professional renewal.

November 8-11
Hendersonville, NC

Elder’s Retreat
A retreat for the order of elders of the Western North Carolina Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church.

November 8-12 Study Leave for Ministry Professionals

November 15-19 Study Leave for Ministry Professionals

January 24-28 Study Leave for Ministry Professionals

February 7-11 Study Leave for Ministry Professionals

February 15-16 Kenneth Willis Clark Lectures
A distinguished lectureship delivered by leaders in New Testament studies.
ULRICH LUZ, University of Bern, Switzerland

February 23-24
** New Date **
Holy & Beautiful: Greening Sacred Spaces
A conference to explore the possibilities for building worship spaces that are ecologically intelligent in design.
ELLEN DAVIS, Duke Divinity School
NORMAN CHRISTENSEN, Nicholas School of the Environment and Earth Sciences, Duke University
KEVIN BURKE, architect, McDonough & Partners

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