Pastor of Youth MInistry

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Posting Dates: 
Tuesday, December 10, 2013 to Tuesday, July 1, 2014
Job Description: 

(Non-ordination track candidates welcome)

Context and Purpose of Role

The River Church Community is a 250 member church located in San Jose CA. Our membership is multi-racial and skews towards professional backgrounds. We identify ourselves loosely within the “missional” Evangelical movement.
In the next several years, the spiritual vitality of The River will be greatly determined by the quality of spiritual formation of our youth. While our youth ministry already consists of 33 teens and pre-teens led by 9 adult volunteers, our demographics project us at having over 100 youth in five years.

We are creating the role of Pastor of Youth Ministry (PYM) to seize this opportunity. We are committed to developing a ministry that thoroughly integrates parents and other adults as active participants in the spiritual formation process. Building an intergenerational ministry that forms youth into the image of Christ is the primary gauge of success for this position.


1. Architect spiritual formation
We expect the PYM to design a process of spiritual formation that leads to lifelong discipleship. Our understanding is that attractive programming to draw kids into the ministry is necessary but not sufficient. The PYM must have the expertise to develop a process that includes youth appropriate expressions of Scripture study, spiritual disciplines, peer community, adult mentoring, and service.

2. Shape a culture of hospitality and outreach
The River was birthed with a mandate to reach out to and bless people beyond our church community. Given that an enormous percentage of people who become followers of Jesus do so before age 18, the PYM has a strategic opportunity to advance the church’s core mission. Therefore, we entrust the PYM with the task of fostering an environment of gospel hospitality among the youth: prayer for friends who do not go to church, generosity in invitation, and welcome to those who may not share our spiritual convictions.

3. Recruit and supervise volunteers (especially in mentoring)
Our projected demographic growth means that the PYM will never be able to be the sole or even main spiritual influence for most individuals in the ministry. The PYM must be gifted at drawing other adults into the ministry. In particular, the PYM must continue to recruit and supervise adults who will provide direct mentoring to youth. In order to lead others in the process, the PYM must possess sufficient personal gifting and experience as a youth mentor.

4. Manage the program
We anticipate the youth ministry will be programmatically complex because of the numbers of individuals involved and our vision for an intergenerational approach. The PYM must be able to provide overall management such that administrative details are handled, stakeholders are properly kept informed, overall quality is maintained, and most of all, plans are well executed. We plan to provide further administrative support as youth numbers increase, but the PYM will still be ultimately responsible for the effective functioning of the system.

5. Engage with parents
At the baseline, the PYM must keep parents well informed about the logistical details that all responsible parents care about: schedules, requirements, expectations, etc. The PYM must also be able to explain to parents the rationale for particular program elements (e.g. why the ministry is addressing sexuality). When a personal crisis emerges for the youth, this individual will help parents respond, as well as be part of the response when appropriate. Finally, in order to equip the parents’ primary role in spiritual formation, the PYM will provide parents with additional data and insight into their kids’ spiritual development.

6. Teach
The PYM should be gifted in communicating Biblical truth to youth. We believe there are a wide variety of effective teaching styles. While we believe that other adults can contribute teaching, we do believe that the successful leadership of a pastor requires the ability to teach effectively.

7. Influence the entire church
It is imperative that The River avoids youth ministry becoming its own programmatic world, separated from the rest of the church. The PYM must be an effective champion of youth to the wider church and also serve as a change agent that introduces new perspectives on how other ministries integrate youth. While the PYM focuses on youth, this person is as much a “pastor of the church” as any other pastor. The PYM is expected to care about and lead the whole congregation.

8. Deepen subject matter expertise
The PYM will be expected to be conversant in the literature around youth ministry. We are looking for a natural learner who is motivated to grow intellectually. We will invest in the ongoing education of the PYM.

Salary will range from $50,000-$60,000 depending on qualifications. Full benefits are included.


   Agreement with, and active support for, the statement of faith, values, and mission of The River Church Community

- Bachelor’s degree

- At least 4 years of experience in youth ministry as either paid staff or as a volunteer with leadership status

- Currently living or willing to relocate within a 25 mile radius of the church location

Application process
Please submit a detailed cover letter and a full CV to Both documents should be combined as one Word document with the file titled “River Youth APPLICANT NAME.”

Requests for more information can be sent to the above email address, although we cannot guarantee responses to all inquiries.

Job Type: 
Full time
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Church, Ministry
The River Church Community
San Jose
Contact Name: 
Kathleen C. ("K.C.") Yatsko
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(408) 396-5474
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