Instructional Designer in Video

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Posting Dates: 
Thursday, March 7, 2013 to Friday, May 31, 2013
Job Description: 

Logos Bible Software is seeking for a full-time, entry-level Instructional Designer in Video.


-Identify which multimedia elements (e.g., graphics, images, maps, slides, etc.) would enrich lecture video content
-Distill lecture notes and text-laden slides into simple slideshows
-Enhance lecture videos with on-screen text in Final Cut Pro X
-Proof multimedia elements for stylistic and factual errors

The Ideal Candidate

-Has a graduate or seminary degree in biblical or theological studies
-Can spot a typo in Biblical Greek and Hebrew words, including transliterated forms
-Has a collection of charts, maps, and images of the Bible
-Enjoys simplifying complex concepts
-Finds the most efficient way to do things
-Naturally synthesizes and summarizes information
-Is succinct

The Really Ideal Candidate

-Has experience with Final Cut Pro X
-Has experience as an educator or teacher
-Has experience with Adobe Creative Suite
-Uses Logos Bible Software 5 for studying and teaching

Job Type: 
Full time
Job Category: 
Logos Bible Software
United States
Contact Name: 
Clifford Kvidahl
Contact Phone: 
(800) 875-6467
Contact Email:
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