Campus Pastor
The Crossnore School

Every year in North Carolina there are over 130,000 reports of abuse and neglect against children. Over 40% of those reports involve children under the age of 5. While these numbers seem astonishing, the reports do not begin the cover the actual incidents of physical, sexual and emotional abuse, because most child victims live in silence. Today, there are over 10,000 children in the North Carolina foster care system. Without expert intervention, the life outcomes for children leaving foster care are dismal and often include homeless, incarceration and a continuation of the cycle of abuse.

In spite of these daunting challenges, there is HOPE for children in the foster care system. The Crossnore School is a national model, providing holistic support for children who have experienced abuse and neglect. The Crossnore School is a Christian sanctuary of hope of healing that provides for a child’s every need, mind, body and spirit. Warm cottage homes are staffed by loving cottage parents that teach children how to be part of a healthy, supportive family. Our on-site charter school provides a world-class education that rivals any prestigious boarding school. Our team of masters-level therapists and medical professionals ensure that every child is emotionally and physically healthy. Our goal at The Crossnore School is not only provide every child with an excellent education, therapy services and health care, but it is also to equip every child with solid instruction about Christian principles and values. Research proves that children who have a strong faith and an understanding of their purpose in the world have better life outcomes. For people of faith, we know that the answer to overcoming life’s challenges is relying on the one true God that offers us hope and freedom.

To accomplish our goals with the children we serve, The Crossnore School is hiring a Campus Pastor. This new position will be a person with the skills and knowledge to lead the spiritual development of our children. This person will also allow us to build and maintain strong relationships with local churches. This position is critical to our mission to provide a Christian sanctuary for hope and healing for children in need.

Job Description: Campus Pastor

Education Preference: Master’s degree in Divinity, Bible, Ministry or related field

Education Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in related field

Work Experience: Candidates must have significant experience in youth/children ministry, Christian education, bible teaching and/or spiritual development.

Candidates must have a proven track record working with children. Preferred candidates will have experience working with children who have experienced trauma, foster care or other similar circumstances.

Faith Experience: The Crossnore School is a nondenominational Christian organization. Candidates will have a strong and active faith and be well versed in the bible and basic Christian doctrine. Candidates must have an appreciation for the diversity of Christian faith and a willingness to be inclusive and open to children and adults of all faith backgrounds. The ideal candidate will be able balance their personal beliefs with the need to build opportunities for children to grow spiritually in individual and developmentally appropriate ways.

Basic Job Responsibilities:

Develop and implement developmentally appropriate curricula and materials for faith formation and spiritual development for children

Organize and staff weekly chapel services for the campus
Lead and/or equip staff to lead devotionals and bible studies

Develop and maintain strong relationships with congregations and faith partners, including the churches where students attend

Teach Old Testament and/or New Testament survey classes as elective courses at the charter school when requested
Provide pastoral support and guidance to children and staff during times when they request support

Support the full implementation of our trauma informed model of care, Sanctuary ©
Speak with churches local and regionally about The Crossnore School

Resume and cover letter should be sent to:

Kathy Dellinger, Executive Assistant
The Crossnore School
P.O. Box 249
Crossnore, NC 28616

Posting Dates: 
10/06/2014 to 11/05/2014
Job Type: 
Full time
Job Category: 
Ministry, Non-Church