Image of Lin Zhao on cover of Professor Xi Lian's biography
Xi Lian
Image of smiling children on cover of new book by Laceye and Gaston Warner
Laceye and Gaston Warner
Cover of Professor Douglas Campbell's new book showing image of the apostle Paul
Douglas A. Campbell
Cover image for Professor Kate Bowler's new memoir
Kate Bowler


Abstract cover image of The Upper Room Disciplines 2018: A Book of Daily Devotions
Stephen Chapman and Laceye Warner (contributors)
Book Cover of "A Word to Live By: Church’s Teachings for a Changing World, Volume 7" by Lauren Winner
Lauren F. Winner
Cover of book titled Undomesticated Dissent: Democracy and the Public Virtue of Religious Nonconformity
Curtis W. Freeman
Cover image of "Worshiping with the Anaheim Vineyard: The Emergence of Contemporary Worship"
Lester Ruth
Image of women singing on the cover of Professor Lester Ruth's new book
Lester Ruth
Cover of new Luke Powery book titled Rise Up, Shepherd! Advent Reflections on the Spirituals,
Luke A. Powery
Cover of the book titled Mentoring for Ministry: The Grace of Growing Pastors
Contributors Elaine A. Heath and William H. Willimon
Kenneth L. Carder and Laceye C. Warner
Cover image of new book on Rev. Billy Graham featuring an image of him taken from behind at a rally
Grant Wacker
Cover of second edition of Mark Chaves' book titled American Religion: Contemporary Trends
Mark Chaves
Cover image of Raymond Barfield book
Raymond Barfield
Laceye C. Warner
Image of Apostle Paul on cover of Susan Eastman's new book
Susan Grove Eastman
Cover of new book titled 'Five Means of Grace: Experience God's Love the Wesleyan Way' by Elaine Heath
Elaine A. Heath
Cover image of book titled "Lovin' On Jesus"
Lester Ruth and Swee Hong Lim
Book cover shows image of tree superimposed on image of Earle.
William H. Willimon


book cover image
Amy Laura Hall
Preaching the Luminous Word: Biblical Sermons and Homiletical Essays
Ellen F. Davis
Echoes of Scripture
Richard B. Hays
One True Life
C. Kavin Rowe
Ways of the Word: Learning to Preach for Your Time and Place
Luke A. Powery and Sally A. Brown, coauthors
The Cambridge Companion to the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament
Stephen B. Chapman
Christian Social Innovation
L. Gregory Jones
Way of Love
Norman Wirzba
A Wesleyan Theology of the Eucharist: The Presence of God for Christian Life and Ministry
Elaine A. Heath and Geoffrey Wainwright, contributors
The Portraits of John Wesley
Richard P. Heitzenrater
Fear of the Other: No Fear in Love
William H. Willimon
Pastor book cover
William H. Willimon
 Philosophy and Psychiatry: Problems, Intersections and New Perspectives
Warren Kinghorn, contributor
God Unbound: Wisdom from Galatians for the Anxious Church
Elaine A. Heath
1 Samuel as Christian Scripture
Stephen B. Chapman


I'm Not From Here
Will Willimon
The Holy Spirit
Stanley Hauerwas and Will Willimon
I Still Believe
Ellen Davis (contributor)
Wearing god
Lauren Winner
A body broken
Mary McClintock Fulkerson
From Nature to Creation
Norman Wirzba
Book of Colors
Ray Barfield
Unmanly Men
Brittany E. Wilson
How Odd of God
Will Willimon
Work of Theology
Stanley Hauerwas
The Lord's Prayer
J. Warren Smith
Difference Christ Makes
Stanley Hauerwas (in honor of)
what did jesus ask
Luke Powery, J. Ross Wagner, and Lauren Winner (contributors)
A house divided
David Marshall (contributor)


resurrecting democracy
Luke Bretherton
reading the parables
Richard Lischer
Billy Graham
Grant Wacker
Contesting Catholicity
Curtis Freeman
Richard Hays