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Rev. Dr. Chauncey Harrison, D.Min. '21, is charting a new path for Zion Baptist Church in Philadelphia.

“Spirit in the Dark: Religion in Black Music, Activism and Popular Culture” at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture highlights the religion and resiliency of Black Americans.

The award honors his work in building bridges of understanding between Jews and Muslims and for promoting peace and religious tolerance.

Professor Peter Casarella attended the conference in Bogotá in person, and Dean Edgardo Colón-Emeric addressed the group via video. 

The Prison Engagement Initiative will bring together faculty, staff, students, and community members seeking to engage prisons, the people affected by prisons, and the politics and pathways surrounding mass incarceration.

Wirzba won the award for his book This Sacred Life, which advocates embracing God's gift of life and seeking a harmonious life with creation and God.

Eliza Love, M.Div. ‘23, will study at the ecumenical institute in Switzerland and participate in lectures, experiential formation, the writing of a thesis, and pilgrimage trips to the Vatican.

Dean Colón-Emeric and Dr. Jung Choi meet with Pope Francis in the Vatican alongside other members of the Methodist-Roman Catholic International Commission (MERCIC).

The Shepherd’s Fund was established to provide financial assistance when a medical crisis creates a hardship.

Civil rights leader the Rev. Dr. Chavis coined the term environmental racism and has been working in justice ministries for decades.


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