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For nearly 20 years, the program has brought young people from around the country and outside the U.S. into intentional Christian community.

Three new certificates can be earned alongside master’s degree programs: the Certificate in Black Church Studies; the Certificate in Faith-based Organizing, Advocacy, and Social Transformation; and the Certificate in Faith, Food, and Environmental Justice.

The school was chosen for demonstrating a commitment to service and justice through their curriculum, scholarships, internships, and student-life experiences.

Willimon gleans best material from over two decades of writing Pulpit Resource to help preachers prepare weekly sermons.

The Summer Institute for Reconciliation inspired Durham participants to engage both the church and community in racial reconciliation efforts.

A conference on leadership training for the Anglican Communion will take place on July 21 in London.

The Duke Clergy Health Initiative's new program is designed to equip pastors with tools to manage and respond to the stresses of ministry.

Five Duke Divinity faculty receive a grant to explore the intersection of theological studies and neuroethics.

The Feb. 20-22 event will feature Duke Divinity Professor Kate Bowler as keynote speaker along with a number of Divinity School graduates as speakers.

Duke Divinity Dean L. Gregory Jones describes a vision for the ways that theological education can contribute to the flourishing of our churches, university, and communities.


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Our faculty members are regularly featured in the news media, either as writers of articles and op-eds or as experts in their areas of research.
Friday, May 12, 2023
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Wednesday, April 19, 2023
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