The Duke Center for Reconciliation has announced the creation of the World Vision Justice Fellows Program. The program, created in partnership with the humanitarian organization World Vision, offers an award to two students in their final year at Duke Divinity School in the M.Div, M.T.S., or M.S.W. programs. Fellowship recipients will work on a project that promotes awareness, interest, and engagement in the fight to reduce hunger, poverty, and injustice around the globe as part of a commitment to discipleship in Christ and the ministry of reconciliation throughout the world. Students with a calling to leadership in the U.S. church are given preference as World Vision seeks to advance awareness and engagement in these issues within American churches.

The fellowship provides each fellow with a $1,500 scholarship, mentorship, and funding to complete a small-scale project that engages the wider Duke University community in a contemporary justice issue of global concern. For more information and to apply, please contact Abi Riak, interim director of the Center for Reconciliation, at or (919) 660-3585.